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Season Pass at Pine Hill Ski Club

A season pass at Pine Hill Ski Club gives you unlimited access all season long to enjoy our trails and amenities. Your season pass should be displayed on your ski pole. 

An early bird season pass is $99 through December 31.

Starting January 1, 2024 a season pass is $130.00 per person.

Season Passes are now on sale!

There are 2 ways to purchase:

1. Click: Purchase a Season Pass below and fill out the application form and then check out with a credit card, or print out the form, mail it in or email to
2. Print out the application form, enter your information and send with a check to

PHSC, PO Box 1613, New London, NH 03257 

A confirmation receipt will be emailed to you from Square after filling out the form below and paying for the season pass on the next page.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 1.31.16 PM.png

Please print this form, sign, and send with your check (address below) for season membership, or fill in application online and pay using Square.Trails will be open seven days a week, 9am – 4pm Dec. & Jan., 9am – 5pm, Feb. & Mar. Please bring personal cell phone while skiing, for safety.Adult daily use fee $15; ages 11-17, $5.  Kids 10 and under free with accompanying adult. Daily pass trail fee honor system collection box and maps at trail conditions board in parking lot.Check trail conditions, updates and coming events at 

Season Pass Fees:

Adult EARLY BIRD pass by Dec. 31, 2023:  $99

Season Pass starting January 1, 2024:   $130

Additional Donation to Pine Hill Ski Club for Operations Completed Here.

Pine Hill Ski Club is a registered NH nonprofit but does not qualify for federal tax deductions.


Skier Responsibility Release: The purchaser and user of this ticket/pass of Pine Hill Ski Club assumes and understands that skiing is a hazardous sport, that bare spots, variation in snow and other hazards or obstacles exist within this ski area.  In using this pass/ticket and skiing at the area, such dangers are recognized and accepted whether they are marked or unmarked.  The skier/snowshoer realizes that falls and collisions do occur and injuries may result and therefore assumes the burden of skiing or snowshoeing under control at all times.   NH RSA 225-A:24

EACH INDIVIDUAL SEASON PASS HOLDER MUST SIGN THIS LIABILITY RELEASE (Parent or Guardian please sign for children under 18)

You can also purchase a season pass by printing out the form to the left and mailing it in with a check

to P.O. Box 1613, New London, NH 03257

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